Icelandic+ Lamb Horn Dog Chew


Icelandic+ Lamb Horn Dog Chew


Cure your dog’s boredom with a long lasting dental chew

Icelandic+ Lamb Horn Dog Chew are all natural and edible, composed of compact hair fibers called keratin. When your dog chews on the horn it unravels and mimics dental floss making these a great chew for boredom as well as dental health. Peace of mind with Icelandic + – each chew is cleaned, boiled, and baked within FDA, USDA, EU, and MAST standards and regulations.

    Give your dog a great all natural chew that will last for hours with an Lamb Horn Dog Chew. Nutrient Rich, made of Keratin, not bone. Reduce tartar & plague build-up for healthier gums and teeth!

    Icelandic+™ Large Lamb Horns come in a variety of natural colors and measure 5 inches for medium and 6.5 inches for large in length. Each package contains 1 lamb horn.

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    Large 6.5 inch

    Icelandic+ Lamb Horn Dog Chew

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